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HiR is an electronic magazine that is published by group of Ethical Hackers and Phone Phreaks that believes in the widespread share of information. HiR does not publish articles on any topic aside from Hacking or Phreaking.

Usually, HiR is not a source of "Walk-Through" information. If a "Walk-Through" is published, extreme attention is paid to details that describe why a given action works the way it does. Typically, HiR attempts to provide high-quality information that may be hard to find elsewhere. Our main goal is to share information.

We do not charge a cent for the work that we do, because we believe that all information should be free. "Proprietary" information is just another way for large corporations or governments to keep their customers, un-enlightened employees, and especially YOU in the dark about what they are up to. While the members of HiR understand that "Proprietary" information does have a place, we DO make an attempt to dig deep within those mysterious workings, and explain how they work, and that gives you, the curious reader, an advantage over the normal users. Knowing a little about the insides also places our readers in a position to learn more about a given topic than any amout of writers could convey in any amout of typing.

Simply put: HiR is a source of information that is hand-crafted to prime the intellectual pump, and to prepare the hackers of the world to learn for themselves. The more independent hackers there are, the more powerful they will be once they are brought together. There will be a battle, not dealing with weapons and death, but one dealing with knowledge, skill, and information. Only the technologically elite will survive. The rest will succumb to the powers that be...

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