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This is a page of banner graphics to put on your websites. Please be sure that the image includes a link to our site (make sure you use http://hir.chewies.net please).

For our friends using lynx, go to our download page, and hit "d" on the link for the image you want to download.

#1: 20k 400x100 jpeg: Hackers
Information Report

#2: 17k 400x100 jpeg: The Ultimate
Source of Knowledge

#3: 20k 400x100 jpeg: Brick Wall
HIR!!! Graffiti

#6: 23k 400x100 jpeg: Ethical
Hacking, Extreme Information

One of our dedicated readers, ph0ng, has tossed a few Banners our direction:

Contrib 1: 14K 470x60 jpeg: HiR:
got root?

Contrib 2: 26K 470x60 jpeg:

Contrib 3: 31K 470x60 jpeg: What
Do you want to Learn Today?

More to come, keep posted!

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