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File # Article Title Writer
1 "Intro/Table of Contentz Axon
2 "Official HiR Guide to the art of Social Engineering Axon
3 "The Joys of The Personal Computer CMOS Axon
4 "Hijinks With Handheld PC's (Palmtops) Asmodian X
5 "Fun With UNiX (Part 1) Axon
6 "The IR.966 Box (IR Communications Jammer)  
             (Schematic By Axon)"
Asmodian X
7 "Windows Telnet Daemon: A Hacker's Friend Axon
8 "A Word about Microsoft..." Asmodian X
9 "EasyESN" kminor
10 "HiR Hacker Newz" Axon
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