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File # Article Title Author
1 "Introduction/ToC" Axon
2 "Ax-Talk, a UNiX Shell Script based Chat program" Axon
3 "From Asmodian's Workbench: Winsock bugs Meets Windows CE 1.0"
   (Results of Teardrop/Winnuke/Bonk/etc Vs. Palmtops)
Asmodian X
4 "Fun With UNIX part II:  Securing your Linux Box, and other fun stuff" Asmodian X
5 "HiR 5 Informative Resources" (New Regular section!) Asmodian X/Axon
6 "Credit Bureau and Credit Report Terminals" Axon
7 "RSA Public Key Encryption" Frogman
8 "HiR Hacker Newz" Axon
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