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Digital Pictures of the Acoustic Coupler will be up later... I gotta get them off my friend's digital camera 1st... --Axon
File # Article Title Author
1 "Introduction/ToC" HiR Crew
2 "HiR 9 Informative Resources" Asmodian X
3 "Tales from the Mailbag" HiR Readers
4 "Network-Tuned OS Overview (FreeBSD/Linux/NT)" Axon
5 "How to build a homebrew acoustic coupler (Less than $20!)" Axon
6 "Windows 2000: What is it and why does it matter?" Axon
7 "Novell Netware Inside Out" Asmodian X
8 "Some Red Hat Linux 6.0 Info" Axon
9 "On Going Digital" Frogman
10 "Teach me how to hack !@#$" Ixl
11 "HiR Hacker Newz" HiR Crew
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